Why is the 2017 championship called the largest rowing event?

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In fact, rowing, although considered an aristocratic sport, is popular all over the planet among bettors and sport lovers. An athlete who has reached the age of 27 and has not become older than 89 can take part in the championship we have chosen. 2017 marked a turning point for the World Regatta Tournament as a particular number of athletes reached its peak.

Why was 2017 marked by such popularity?

In fact, it was promotion, advertising, and impact on the target betting audience that attracted such a stir to the events of the 2017 championship. Holding the championship, its infrastructure, the possibility of concluding a pair of athletes and brief information about the organizers. Such wide coverage in the media, which was not previously typical for the World Regatta Tournament, along with approval in 2016, became the main reason that the event caused a particular resonance both among fans and among bettors gaining money on rowing.

Highlights from the 2017 World Rowing Masters Regatta

This championship is considered the 44th World Masters Regatta. Earlier, before the championship, it was decided that it would be hosted by the city of Bled, which is located in Slovenia. This city submitted an application for participation and it was approved, since all the necessary conditions were met, and it was also decided by the commission members that this city owns one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. In this city of Bled, various boat tournaments and contests have been held for many years, so among the tasks of the organizers was to prepare and ensure the holding of competitions in one of the most fascinating and picturesque places on the planet. And based on all these factors, we finally got to the key point – the historic number of participants was registered at the World Regatta Contest. Such a scale attracted the attention of betting facilities.

World Masters Rowing Regatta 2017 in numbers

Speaking of the record number of participants, we would like to mention that this number has reached the figure of more than 4750 athletes. They represented more than 1000 crews originating from the whole planet, from various countries and various continents. Moreover, the participants broke a huge number of world rowing records.

Based on such a large influx of not only athletes, but also tourists, fans and betting enthusiasts, it was necessary to design a good logistical connection at the championship venue. More than 450 volunteers helped – about 2,000 boats were taken into storage and more than 300 trailers were parked in designated areas at the event site. The organizers were very afraid that due to such a large influx of people, the competition could fail or go wrong. But despite the presence of fears, everything worked like clockwork and everything went perfectly. Record number of bets were concluded at the bookmakers’ offices, enabling bettors to gain huge amounts of money.