Benderson Park in Sarasota captured the hearts of sports fans

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Nathan Benderson Park is considered a very functional place where everyone can bring their leisure time: from large families to professional rowing enthusiasts or beginners who want to hone their skills and learn something more about the sport of rowing. What’s more, this park has been attracting the attention of rowing betting enthusiasts for several years now, as it very often provides live racing functionality.

Some key facts and figures

Nathan Benderson Park has existed for a long time and attracts attention with its vast territory: 600 acres of the field are available for visitors and athletes, as well as two 2000-meter regatta courses, one of the most famous in North America. Each year, more than $40,000,000 is provided by the state to fund this area, which is usually invested in the reconstruction of rowing areas and facilities. Moreover, with each tournament or championship held, a huge amount of funds from sponsors also flows into this park. In 2020, this club became one of the best rowing centers in North America, was among the winners, and received a prize fund of $ 50,000,000, which was also spent on improving the professional facilities in the area.

Vivid experiences hosted at Nathan Benderson Park

In 2016, the park hosted a major tournament for the first time – it was the competition of the US Olympic rowing team, which took place in the month of April. After such a great success in the same 2016 year, this park hosted the qualifying competitions for the Olympic Games, and therefore contenders for the Olympic title from all over the world came to Sarasota for the occasion. Moreover, several years ago, the International Association chose this place to hold the World Championships of rowing competitions in 2017, where it was successfully held and gathered a lot of positive feedback from athletes and visitors. Due to the size of the event, about 45,000 athletes, fans, supporters, tourists and bettors from all over the world came there.

How about a great convenience for fans to make money on bets

Before the 2017 World Contest, all the organizers faced an important question: how to attract the attention of avid bettors to the Benderson Area? After negotiations, it was decided that a special place and facilities for betting on rowing would be developed in this area. A room was allocated, where representatives of various reputable bookmakers gathered, which had their own list of rowing bets, and they were ready to register bets both before the races and in real time. The announcement of this innovation quickly spread throughout the betting segment and brought them to the attention of Benderson Area at that time.