Nathan Benderson Park provide a great opportunity for rowing enthusiasts

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If you’re a longtime rowing enthusiast, Nathan Benderson Area is truly the perfect place to not only hone your skills, but also spend a few days in peace and harmony with nature. Despite the fact that if you are a beginner in this business, there is also a place for you here where you could learn everything in order to spend this time with benefit, comfort and pleasure.

Some key data about Nathan Benderson Park

The park itself is discovered in Sarasota, Florida. His territory is estimated at more than 600 acres of parkland, and he also owns a 2000-meter long special course, among the best on the continent, as well as a regatta center.
Moreover, this place has been regularly holding prepared boat tournaments since 2010 – this is one of the few places in the country which enables such events to be held and which has all the necessary natural conditions for this.

Park Community Sport Club

As we said, if you don’t know anything about rowing, don’t know how to do it, but really want to, here is the perfect place for visitors, as Nathan Benderson Area has their own Nathan Benderson boat club. Here you will be taught from the very first day all the features of such a sport, help you focus on the key points and teach you how to handle the equipment. It is noteworthy that even if you have no experience at all, here you would be taken with pleasure. Training here takes place gradually, step by step – safety briefing is provided, theoretical information about rowing and equipment handling are provided, and at the same time boating skills are developed. After just a few hours of this training, you can easily join the boat team formed in Benderson Park and you could enjoy exciting and fun amateur competitions. In general, the park provides you with equipment, certified instructors, and the possibility of providing first aid if necessary. All you need is a very strong desire and personal items of clothing and hygiene.

Why this park is good for lovers of betting and making money on rowing
Very often, people who bet on rowing are eager to independently observe the athletes and their movements during the event. Nathan Benderson Area is the perfect place for those desires as well. All competitions, tournaments and competitions that are held here are open to the public – almost anyone could come here, book a place and opportunity to bet and enjoy the race in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful nature. For example, in January 2022, the Gator Roundup regatta was held. It gathered a record number of viewers, among which more than half were bettors. Nathan Benderson park even provides a separate place where you can come and place a bet – representatives of various bookmakers are gathered there, who will gladly receive you and register your bet.