What remarkable things can be said about world masters rowing 2018 as well as the tournament?

What remarkable things can be said about world masters rowing 2018 as well as the tournament?

We are sure each person at least once in his life heard about such a thing as a football, basketball, tennis or boxing championship. There is nothing new, strange or special about this. Unlike our situation. Who would have thought initially that such an activity as rowing would now attract not only fans of this sport to practice it, but also millions of fans around the planet who would want to watch and worry about the athletes competing. Moreover, the segment of income from rowing has recently begun to develop. How is it done? Everything is quite simple, as with other sports – you analyze, evaluate the odds, choose a bet, make a bet and win this bet.

What is and what was the rowing championship in 2018

The World Contest 2018 is considered to be a very bright event in the world of sports in general. It took place on the regatta track in the wonderful country of Bulgaria. The event lasted a week, it was held in mid-September – excellent dates and weather conditions during this period of the year allow this contest to be hosted without any difficulties. As for the categories of these competitions, various groups of participants were represented at the championship – para-sport, open and light classes among women and men – there were quite a lot of groups and athletes.dragon tiger online game

What is para rowing alone worth: this type of rowing is considered the youngest in this sport, it was started to develop only in 2006 and it was immediately presented at the Paralympic Games. Para sport is also called adaptive rowing, as athletes are provided with adaptive equipment to perform all the necessary movements.
Prior to this 2018 Championship, Bulgaria also had the honor of hosting the Junior Championships in the last year of the 20th century and in 2012 of the 21st century, as well as another sport tournament in 2011.

Why is the 2018 contest so remarkable?

It was in these competitions that for the first time in the history of rowing, the number of competitions and the number of male and female athletes were the same, which symbolized gender equality and was presented as one important demonstrative step towards a conscious future and society. This decision was taken a year earlier at a meeting of the main governing body for rowing for the global contests.

What problems were there considering the host of the 2018 championship
Long before the competition is usually decided where and how they will be held. Regarding the 2018 event, this process began 5 years earlier, in 2013, when the acceptance of applications for the competition began. The first to apply was the state of Florida, where they were eager to host the event. The same year, the Rowing Federation Evaluation Commission came to the state, and after a couple of months they also visited Bulgaria with the same purpose. Bulgaria attracted more evaluators, since the sport event was already hosted there in 2012, but one thing stopped them – the stage of preparing all the necessary documentation was not completed. It is for this reason the commission made such a decision in 2017 that the Global Rowing Tournament will be hosted in the state of Florida, and if the necessary documents are corrected and the deadlines are met, Bulgaria will be honored to receive sportsmen and fans in 2018.

Was the World rowing masters 2018 regatta successful?

First of all, we would like to present you with some statistical information and figures in order to clarify the picture of the grandeur of events. First of all, we want to tell you that athletes from 49 countries and almost all continents were represented in the championship. As for the number of races held, there were almost 450 of them, where more than 1900 rowers competed. Different age and gender groups were represented at the championship, but as we mentioned, the number of women corresponded to the number of men, as was decided in the regulation in 2017. The country that brought the largest number of its representatives was the United States of America – more than 1000 athletes. And also a lot of rowers came from the regions of Central and South Africa and Central and Western Europe.

The 2018 World Rowing Championships boasts the largest number of final races ever held, with around 10-12 final races in each selective group. Most age groups accepted participants in the range of 43 and over and 55 and over. In the 55 and older group, the fastest was the American with a total time of 3 minutes 44 seconds. The women’s group 43 and older was also led by two women from the state of Florida.
The youngest rower at this championship was a 27-year-old American, and the oldest 89-year-old German.

The bets on the championship exceeded all expectations

Needless to say, this championship was practically the most desired event of 2018 for sports fans and bettors. The betting bookmakers didn’t miss a beat and for all 450 races, most of the most popular bookmakers take bets. They offered a wide range of betting events and quite attractive odds and quotes. It would seem that for a championship of this level, the numbers should be underestimated – but not in this case. A lot of experienced and smart bettors with the right approach, strategy and analysis have managed to raise large amounts of money on bets on various championship races.
The most popular types of bets in the 2018 championship, which were accepted by bookmakers, are bets on the winner and prizes. Also, bettors made a lot of bets on the athlete or team that would not go to the next stage.