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How do I request a visa letter of invitation?
Download the visa invitation application on the visa information page. complete all information for all persons requiring a visa to enter the USA.

Can I row as an unaffiliated rower?
If you are from the United States, you may row as an unaffiliated rower if you have a USRowing individual championship membership. When you register for the regatta, you will show up in the registration system as "USRowing Masters."

Do mixed boats count toward the points total at the World Rowing Masters Regatta?
Only Men's trophy and women's trophy are awarded. Mixed races do not count towards point total.

Does the Coxswain have to be 27 years old or older?
Age categories do not apply to coxswains of Masters crews.

When registering for a race how are the average ages determined?
It's an average based upon the whole number of age for what each participant will be in the calendar year.

Does each race have a cap on the number of entries?

How far apart are the races?
Races are projected to be 3 minutes on center, if changes to the time are needed it will be determined when the draw is complete.

When are semi-finals and finals races?
Every heat/race down the course is a final.

Where is parking and how much will it be?
Parking will be located in the North Lot next to the Mall at UTC. The fee for parking will be $5.00 a car per day.

Who are the Boat Hire vendors?
1x Hudson, 2- Swift, 2x Swift, 4+ Vespoli, 4- Swift, 4x Swift, 8+ Hudson

Are oars included in Boat Hire?
Yes oars are included with boat rental.

Do I need to complete a waiver?
The FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta requires that each athlete complete a waiver.
Go to
Search for your club/team
Enter the athlete’s last name and birthdate
Select your athlete record and select ‘Next’ NOTE: If your record is not found, it is likely that the last name and/or birthdate do not match the information on your team’s roster. Contact your club administrator to ensure your record is listed and the information is correct.
Follow the steps to complete the waiver
If you need assistance please contact RegattaCentral support at or 614-360-2922.

Can we bring our own shade tent?
Yes one(1) 10x10 pop up tent is allowed in the front of your boat trailer. Tents must be properly secured/anchored to the ground or your trailer. in case of inclement weather we suggest removing the top as soon as possible.

How do i register for the race?
To register for an event in FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta, follow these steps:
1. .Go to and enter your login information
2. On your homepage, on the left side, click the 'register' link under the FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta heading.
3. You will be taken to a form where you will type your contact information and other required information.
4. Once you are done, click the 'Next' button.
5. You will be taken to the list of events. Find your desired event, and click the 'Submit Entry' button.
6. On the entry form for the boat, input the athlete names, and click 'Save,' at the bottom.
7. You will be taken to the Cart-Checkout page. You can register for another event by clicking 'REGISTER FOR ANOTHER EVENT' or move to the payment page by clicking "NEXT."a. If you do register for another event, go through the process outlined from Step 5 to Step 7 again.
8. Provide any required information and enter your payment information, and click "SUBMIT REGISTRATION'
9. To view your payment history and entries, you can view the 'My Invoice' page on the FISA World Rowing Masters Regatta page.

How do i rent a boat for a race?
To rent a boat for the regatta, follow these steps:
1. If you are not already logged in, go to and enter your login information.
2. Go to
a. You can also get to this link by going to the FISA regatta page and clicking the 'Boat Hire' link.
3. Select your desired boats. They are categorized by TRAINING (for practice), WOMENS & MENS Events (for race day), and MIXED Events (for race day).
4. Add what boats you want to your cart, and once you have everything you need, click "Checkout" on the upper left of the box.
5. You will be taken to a form, where you will need to type required information. Once you have done so, click 'Next.'
6. On the next page, enter the required information, and click 'Next.'
7. On the payment page, select your payment method, and enter your payment information, and click 'Submit.'
‍‍‍8. To view your successful registrations, you will need to go back to your homepage, and click on 'View Details' next to 2018 FISA Boat Hire on the right side  of the screen.  



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September 27 - 30, 2018