Nathan Benderson Park



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September 2‍‍‍7 - 30, 2018

BOAT PARK: Limited boat racks are located in the field near the incoming/outgoing pontoons. The Organizing Committee will assign the boat racks for the boat types. Teams are responsible to make sure that their boats are safely tied to the racks at all times and in no risk of damage due to adverse weather conditions. Teams traveling with boats on trailers are encouraged to bring slings for securing boats.

TEAM TENTS: There is a limited number of areas available exclusively for team tents. They will be given out on a first-come first-served basis. More details and the application form will soon be available.

BOW NUMBERS: Bow numbers can be collected 1 hour before the race at a tent located in the boat park area.

PONTOONS: There are 2 incoming and 2 outgoing pontoons for the non rental boats (one of the incoming pontoons will also act as a Hot Seat pontoon). Additional 2 pontoons (one incoming & one outgoing) are designated for rental boats only.

BOAT REPAIR: The boat builders and boat repair workshop will be located in the boat park area.

BOAT WASHING: A dedicated area for boat washing will be located at the left side of the incoming pontoons. No chemical detergents or other sources of environmental pollution should be used during boat washing.

ERGOMETERS: Ergometers for training, warming up and cooling down will be provided and located at a tent in the boathouse area.